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BIC Lighters for Sale

A lighter comes in handy when you want to light a cigarette, open a bottle, burn a rope end, light a stove, or start a firepit. Here are 5 reasons why you need to buy a BIC lighter from Al Noor LLC.


A key quality of BIC lighters is that they are manufactured in compliance with the most rigorous standards of reliability and safety. Thus, the BIC cigarette lighter that you buy from us not only has a good design but is also safe, lightweight and dependable.


BIC lighters stand out because they are highly portable.

Ease of use

BIC lighters are safe and easy to use.


Because of the highstandards of reliability of BIC lighters, you can use any BIC lighter for a very long time.

Competitive price

Our BIC lighters come at very competitive wholesale and retail prices because we source them directly from the manufacturers. So, if you have searched for ‘BIC lighter wholesale’ or ‘BIC lighters for sale’, Al Noor is the place for you.

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